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Deloitte21: The OK! project and Deloitte Finland mentors are ready!

By Mia Liimo - September 09, 2010

My Deloitte21 placement, the OK! project, is about to start its fourth consecutive class. Our aim is to improve unemployed young immigrants’ work readiness skills and provide them with employment opportunities. The program was initiated in response to the demand for more skilled workers and the need to ensure immigrant youth are integrated into Finnish society. I serve on the project steering committee, train the youth, and now for the first time will serve as a mentor for some of the youngsters.

The program consists of work-readiness skills training and an internship. This is the first time we have included mentoring into the curriculum. Every one of the youngsters will get a Deloitte professional who serves as their mentor during this 14-week journey. As mentors, we provide guidance,  career planning, and answer those questions that might puzzle youngsters facing their first day at their internship company. We are aiming to create an open and trustworthy dialog between the participants and their mentors.

I am very pleased by how many Deloitte volunteers signed up for this task. I think this is a great example of Deloitte employees’ activeness in the local communities. For us, it’s not just words but actual hands-on volunteering and the willingness to put yourself out there!

The recruitment is about to start shortly and the program will launch early November as the youngsters arrive to Deloitte House where the training is held. I am confident that we will get a group of well-motivated students, as word has travelled among the youth that this is a truly unique opportunity for them.

I have been working with the OK! project for 3 years now, but have more energy and excitement than ever to make this a successful and life-changing experience for these youngsters, and I can say the same for my fellow mentors too! I will keep you posted on how my project moves along.

If you are interested in learning more visit the OK! project website on Deloitte.com.

Mia Liimo joined Deloitte Finland in 2004. Mia is a Marketing Advisor and leads Deloitte Finland’s Community Agenda, serves as the Corporate Responsibility Portfolio Manager, and is a Deloitte21 Fellow.


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