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Further insights on Summer Davos CEO roundtable

By Jennifer Xie - September 15, 2010

Dttl_summer_davos_sculptures_240x216_091410 As the China Managing Partner of Business Development and Public Affairs, I found the Deloitte and Talents magazine breakfast roundtable extremely insightful.  The following are my strongest impressions from listening to the open sharing of experiences by business leaders of many of Tianjin's top enterprises.

Although there is common acknowledgement that regulatory risk is the biggest current and medium term challenge, different industries face different specific risks.  That is why it is so important that our national industry practices and our enterprise risk management advisory specialists continue to work closely together to assist clients.

As we have seen in recent times, even the most established businesses are exposed to many risks that they have not been able to anticipate nor have solutions for. Executives with whom I chatted during the Roundtable expressed concern about there being so many unknown risks.  I shared with them the approach that Deloitte advises which is to control what you can and have a structured approach to do that. The top enterprises of Tianjin attending the Roundtable have strong growth potential to become major national enterprises in the near future, and to realize this potential they must prepare to operate in increasingly complex markets within and beyond China. This is a major step and calls on them to develop capabilities and obtain experience that they may not currently have. 

Also, in chatting with the executives, I learned that even though we had open and intense sharing during the one hour Roundtable, there were many more experiences and questions they wanted to discuss had there been more time to do so. This being the case, we will be following up with a number of participants to see how we can provide further information or ideas in response to these. 

Jennifer Xie is a Managing Partner of Business Development & Public Affairs for Deloitte China.Jennifer leads initiatives related to key government relationships business development, brand and communications. Jennifer is also an executive member of the Marketplace Council at Deloitte China.


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