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A sense of optimism

By David Sproul - January 25, 2013

During this week's World Economic Forum in Davos, Deloitte UK CEO David Sproul provided daily recaps on his experience at the Forum. Below is an excerpt from his latest blog post. To read the full article as well as previous days' posts, please visit the Deloitte UK Responsible Business blog.

Borris_innovationlive_davos_300x200Reflecting on the many conversations I’ve had with clients, and others, this week, it’s clear that there is a definite sense of optimism compared to the position at the start of 2012.

The concerns of last year—particularly of a eurozone exit—have receded materially. Despite the continued low growth in Europe there is a definite feeling of greater resilience and a growing confidence that economies are improving, albeit slowly. I’ve also seen much greater recognition of the need for business leaders to have a stronger voice in making the case for responsible business.

Alongside client meetings, Davos has also again provided a good opportunity to engage with the media—with the BBC, the Telegraph and the Times all carrying interviews.

Today’s highlight, however, was the opportunity to join the British business leaders’ lunch. Having heard David Cameron speak yesterday, I was looking forward to Boris Johnson speaking. He delivered a tour de force in setting out an optimistic picture of London and, by extension, the UK’s continued place as a world leader. As you’d expect he didn’t waste the opportunity to make the case for a new airport in London! The accompanying photograph also shows that he became the second major political figure to enjoy our live scribe wall at Davos.

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Davidsproul_56x56David Sproul is a senior partner and CEO of the Deloitte UK member firm. He is also a member of the Deloitte Global Executive. Previously he served as Managing Director for Tax in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the UK and was a member of the UK Firm’s Executive and Board of Partners.


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