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September 28, 2011

Red alert for color trademarks

four paint brushesManagement legend Henry Ford, for whom "any customer could have a car painted any color that he wanted as long as it was black," was probably one of the last “marketing visionaries” that did not recognize the impact of color on brand value. Color management is now considered strategic to the point that in 2008, Steve Jobs called Google's vice president of engineering on a Sunday morning, while the latter was at mass, to explain that the second "O" of the Google logo on the iPhone did not have the right shade of yellow.

Different studies show that color is more memorable than a shape or a name. Think of the color red--what is the first brand that comes to mind? If you are like most people, your answer will probably be Coke. This kind of association is key in an environment where differentiation is becoming more difficult to achieve. This is why the legal protection of color has acquired an increasing importance, being embraced by brands such as Cadbury's, Tiffany's, T-Mobile, and Orange. However, the recent negative ruling on the Louboutin case casts doubt on the future of color trademark protection, its legal security, and the cost-benefit of investing in it.

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September 08, 2011

From Marketing’s 4 P’s to Reputation management and holistic thinking

In recent years, the concept of Reputation has garnered widespread attention and interest. Businesses no longer regard traditional financial indices as the only indicators of progress. As a measure of success, Reputation rivals, and perhaps even surpasses, stock market performance, earnings, or the recovery of investments. In the least, it certainly affects these other measures.

Reputation also affects brand. It has the power to build trust with those outside a business, such as clients, as well as with the employees within. On the flip side, it has the potential to cause and court disaster.

As Brand managers we know about the importance of understanding and managing Reputation, but if we are thinking of making a major impact and getting our Executive members and the CEO on board we cannot forget about 5 more R’s which play an interlinked role to the R of Reputation. And, by the way traditional Marketing 4P's or Communications 4C's are no longer useful.

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March 15, 2011

Why Think Global, Act Local is no longer enough

Dttl_greenlightbulb_180x258Think Global, Act Local, commonly referred to as Global-Local or Glocal, is more than just a tagline describing the cross-border pollination of ideas and products of today’s global economy. It was originally used as a rallying cry for people to consider the health of the entire planet and take action in their communities. Today, it takes on a much broader context—from environmental, to public policy, to business—many have even embraced the Think Global, Act Local mantra as the philosophical foundation of running a successful global brand.

But why exactly are political pundits and global economists drawn to the ideals of this ubiquitous framework? Does it really provide the context for which organizations and businesses of all sizes can respond to rapid shifts within our economies of scale?

From my point of view, up to now, Think Global, Act Local has only scratched the surface of this tremendously complex issue. What we need now is a 360-degree view of how we can best prepare businesses for sustained, long-term profitable growth. What we need now is to Think Holistic, Act Personal.

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January 27, 2011

Live at Davos | Deloitte’s response to “Preparing for the Global Talent Crisis”

Dttl_davosbrand_200x200_012611As the Global Managing Director of Brand at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, I am often asked how employer branding—the way an organization uses its brand to attract, engage, and retain its people—can protect the sustained future of an organization and the global business community.

The answer, as you might suspect, is not simple—engaging employees with their employer’s brand requires the utmost innovation. In fact, central to the idea of investing in an employer brand as a way to achieve competitive eminence is viewing talent and brand as an integrated solution to resolve the unparalleled global crisis of talent scarcity.

With that in mind, I am proud to be in the company of the distinguished government, business, and community leaders participating in this year’s World Economic Forum session on “Preparing for the Global Talent Crisis: Action Time”. The Forum is a wonderful opportunity to engage in education-focused discussions with other thought leaders.

Below are several key insights and responses on the impact of global talent risk from the Forum’s report Global Talent Risk – Seven Responses:

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December 22, 2010

A year end message from Deloitte

As 2010 comes to a close, we wish to thank all of those who helped to make this year such a memorable one for Deloitte. From long-standing clients to new recruits, it is our relationships which we value the most.  So whether you’ve spent most of this year in the boardroom or classroom, we hope you will take a brief moment to appreciate this seasonal “break.”

November 15, 2010

170,000 brand managers step ahead, as one

What happens when you help your clients and people to step ahead? You become the world’s #1 professional services practice…

Deloitte is Number 1At Deloitte, 170,000 member firm people operating in more than 150 countries are united by one vision, a core set of values, and a global culture. Our goal is to create a distinctive brand experience that positions Deloitte as the first choice among the most sought-after clients and talent. We are relentless in pursuit of that goal, and now for the first time in Deloitte’s history, following our recent recognition as the largest private professional services organization in the world, we have a unique opportunity to continue to widen our lead among competitors in every area of our business. By behaving “as one” behind the voice of our brand, we empower our people to act as brand managers in driving and unifying a distinctive brand experience across hundreds of brand touch points—in every channel, for every stakeholder, across the globe.

A 360-degree approach to branding a distinctive experience for clients and talent

It is no secret that our talent forms the foundation of Deloitte’s global brand culture. Beyond the success of our Green Dot external advertising campaign, now running in more than 50 of our member firms in more than 100 countries, we understand that brand is less about marketplace positioning than it is about marketplace perception. That’s why the success of our brand depends on a 360-degree approach to creating a distinctive client and talent experience—an integrated, multi-stakeholder approach to our value proposition, the Deloitte brand promise.

Building long-term relationships is the goal of every interaction we have with our stakeholders, from employing innovative platforms that create a sense of community and best practice sharing within our global organization to externally facing brand engagement programs such as Deloitte Fantasy Football and Phase II of the Green Dot Challenge.

Emerging media technology—most notably social media—serves as a communications platform that makes collaboration possible among our marketers, communicators, and brand practitioners at Deloitte. From internal micro-blogging channels such as Yammer and Socialcast to beyond-the-firewall conversations via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, our people strive to be always one step ahead in today’s ever-changing communications landscape.

Look no further than the following channels for more information on how we use social media and other online communications channels in our overall brand strategy:

We are helping to define the future of our collective success as a brand by understanding and engaging in the conversations that create opportunities for our clients and people to step ahead as leaders in the marketplace.

Luis Gallardo is the DTTL Managing Director, Global Brand & Marketing.